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Table of Negotiation

Large elegant negotiation table

Negotiation is the highest paid profession in the world. Entire countries rise and fall at the negotiation table. Unfortunately, Americans are the worst negotiators in the world!

The original people of America were excellent negotiatiors, but the invaders from the new world were just terrible at it. The only reason the early settlers of America from Europe even came to this country was because they could not negotiate a place for themselves in the old country.

Once in America, the best of those poor negotiators were able to build something worthwhile on the land they took from the natives. The historians report trades with natives involving a handfull of beads and trinkets for valuable land. What the history doesn't report is that the deals were made and paid with tribes who didn't own the lands they were ceding. Now that's a poor negotiation. The subsequent taking of the land from the real owners was by force rather than negotiation.

As the westward expansion began, the process of poor negotiators moving west continued. Again the best negotiators among them were able to negotiate a place for themselves, and the others just moved west. They negotiated with their feet. Instead of driving a hard bargain and taking a fair portion of the land and opportunity for themselves and their family, they walked away.

They made some deals with the indians but they felt no need to honor the terms of those agreements. That is terrible negotiation technique.

Today the best negotiators in America are on the east coast. The farther west we go the worse the negotiators get. Most Americans dislike negotiation. They want the lowest price quoted at the beginning without the give and take. They prefer to hear an offer and just walk away if it doesn't meet their needs.

We don't have time to make good deals for both parties. We think quick deals are better. We think this way because we don't understand negotiation.

Americans are so good at doing things other than negotiation we've done pretty well for ourselves. Unfortunately, we've walked about as far west as we can get. We've taken most of the readily available land. Now we are seeing the results of negotiations with the older more experienced countries of the world. We have been losing ground on trade issues and most other issues that face us in the future. It is time for us to admit negotiating with our feet is not the best way. We can learn to stand our ground.

Negotiation is so important that a pennycapitalist will never stop adding to his knowledge and skill. Here we will provide negotiation technique and persuasion theory. We will cover tactics and strategy.

Some great negotiators hold their secrets close to their chest and that is understandable. We hope that those with such secrets will share some of them with us as we share with them.

Win/Win negotiation is about forming an agreement that works well for all sides. We want all penny capitalists to do well. It is in the interest of all for everyone to know how to negotiate well.

Yes, when both sides are skilled the negotiations get tough. The end of a skilled but tough deal is for everyone to do well for themselves.