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Step Six to a Fortune:

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Experiment Title

Capital windfalls can just happen!


Trying to visualize my next deal, a small windfall came to me.

I didn't see this coming.  I had no vision for it.  It just happened!



From $5.92 in reserve capital, I plan to risk up to $1.33 for a target return goal of $1.46 or greater.

Step 6

Starting capital                                    $5.92

Planned investment     risk                  $1.33

Investment return goal                          1.46



If a capitalist hustles, something in the world will hustle for him.

Even if your own actions fail to bring you gain directly, the universe has a way of providing for you abundantly inside or outside your own effort.



I was actively trying to find something suitable to buy and sell. On a previous step, I opened a new pal account. In the course of setting up that account I added an ebay link to one of my websites. Someone clicked on it, joined ebay as a result, and I recieved a $5.00 bonus for the referral.


I used equipment on hand, a computer with an ebay account. Pay Pal just put the money in my pay pal account. It was a pleasant surprise.


Actual investment                                   none required

Total expenses                                                       0  

Profit or loss  this deal                                       $5.00


Ending gross capital  (before deductions)            $10.92


I registered on pay pal to recieve money electronically from the last deal. The commission paid to me happened while I was asleep.



What is my expected gain? I expected to come up with a new idea to buy and sell something for the next step. 

What did I learn? I learned that sometimes gain comes from the capital itself. Revenue from this sort of referral is common on the net. It is called affiliate marketing. An affiliate website furnishes valuable content and the visitor may click on to an ad or a link that pays a small commission to the website that attracted the visitor to click and buy.

What do I hope to discover? I hope pay pal and I do a lot of business together over the years to come.

If you hustle, something good will happen, even if it happens in a different way than you expected.


Conclusion or Final Result

Operating in the world of capital can be rewarding in ways other than direct sale and profit. There are many ways of making money. Enjoy them all!


I started with $5.92 in capital. I was looking to risk $1.33 in hopes of growing it to $1.46. When it was all over I had $ $10.92 before tax

As a good citizen we pay 35% of $5.00 or $1.75 for taxes= $3.25 gain

As a good person we pay 10% or $.32 for a good cause= $2.93 net gain

leaving $8.85 for investment and surplus in case something goes wrong.


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