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Step Thirty Two to a Fortune:

photo of two Disney Christmas Carol Tapes


Experiment Title

Stacking More Cassette Tapes for Cash


Tapes and even CD's are still selling even if they are selling for less. 

I see a chance to sell several of these tapes in a combined effort to make and exceed my next target investment goal.



Step 32 in the master plan overview projects an investment of up to $15.84 seeking a return of $17.43 or more.  I need a gain of more than $1.59 to keep on schedule.  The tapes are selling for about that making a single sale difficult to reach the profit numbers I need.  Easy solution is to group several of these together in a multiple auction.  This way I should keep the investments down and the cash flow back at high enough levels to continue my plan.  My objective is to make at least $1.59 cents in profits.

From $252.14 in reserves , I will invest up to $15.84 search of expanding my capital venture to 17.43 or more.  Any profit over $1.59 will make me happy.  

Step 26

Starting capital                                    $252.14

Planned investment risk                        $15.84

Investment receipt goal                           $17.43



I can limit my risk and increase my target goal by breaking my investment into smaller chunks. 

After I complete one risk, I can take the next one. This way my total risk is minimized but my profit maximized.




I listed several Christmas Carol tape sets on ebay one at a time.

I sold three sets of tapes for $12.62 including the shipping costs.


I received $12.62   There was zero acquistion cost, but my other expenses were $8.94.

  My gross profit was $3.66. 


                Ending gross capital  (before deductions)            $255.80



Can we meet a larger target by combining smaller investments. 

Yes, we can meet larger targets by combining smaller investments. I didn't make my gross sell target, but I exceeded my profit target.

What did I learn from this deal?  We can controll the size of our risks by buying and selling several smaller things, one at a time.  If we wait for the first items to sell and pay, we can limit our risk to the amount of investment used for each individual component deal.


Conclusion or Final Result


I started with $252.14 in capital.  I risked a little on each of the smaller deals. I was prepared to risk as much as much as $15.44seeking $17.43.   After the sale before tax and charitable deductions I had  $255.80

35% of $3.66 = $1.28 leaves $2.38

10% for contribution from $2.38 reduces it by $.24 leaving $2.14 net

I now have $254.28 for investment and surplus to keep our enterprise going.

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