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Step Sixteen to a Fortune:

Image of Upgrade for Dummies book

Experiment Title

Affluence by the Book


Trying to prepare for a life of affluence, I found yet another Dummies book. 

One of the reasons fortune doesn't find people is they are not prepared for it.  Most people, including me, do not take proper care of the wealth they have; why would the creator bless them with even more they can not handle.  A penny capitalist must organize and maintain the wealth that he does have in order to attract more wealth.

I was organizing my garage when I found this dummies book in an old box of books someone had given to us.  This book was on upgrading and fixing PCs.  I get this information (latest version) off the net when I work on such a project, so I really didn't need this book in my library.

I decided to convert it to capital by selling it



From $91.89 in reserve capital, I plan to risk up to $3.45 for an expected return of $3.79 or greater.  That should yield a gross profit of $0.34 or more.

Step 16

Starting capital                                    $91.89

Planned investment     risk                  $3.45

Investment return goal                          3.79



If you sell most of the things you don't need, invest the money, you can get richer and richer.

When we convert things we have but don't need, we profit in two ways.  We can use the money we get to make more money, and we save money on the space we capture that was being used by the inert item.



My research could not find exact duplicates of this book having been sold on ebay.  There was no way to know if the book would even sell so a risk was involved.  Success with other dummies books justifies the listing of this one.

I noted all the minor imperfections and listed it on ebay.






I registered on pay pal to receive money electronically from the last deal. The commission paid to me happened while I was asleep.

The book sold for $$7.00.  Book rate shipping plus a padded envelope was $1.84 + $1.39 = $3.23  There was a $.50 paypal expense and ebay fees of another $.73  total expense = $4.46  I had a net profit of $2.54

Actual investment                                   none required

Total expenses                                                      $ 4.46

Gross Profit or loss  this deal                                             $2.54


Ending gross capital  (before deductions)            $94.43



What is my expected gain? I gained the experience of liquidating one of my possessions and converting it into cash capital.  This saves space, reduces clutter from my life, and provides ready capital.  There is a lot more capital where this came from!

What did I learn? I learned that deals are as close as my own garage.  I also learned it feels good to have less clutter around.



Conclusion or Final Result

If I sell everything I don't really need, I'll have much more working capital, and I'll be free of the junk burden. There are many ways of making money. Enjoy them all!


I started with $91.89 in capital. I was looking to risk $3.45 in hopes of growing it to $3.79. When it was all over I had $ $2.54 before tax

As a good citizen we pay 35% of $2.54 or $0.88 for taxes= $1.66 gain

As a good person we pay 10% or $.17 for a worthy cause= $0.86 net gain

leaving $92.75 for investment and surplus in case something goes wrong.


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