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Step Eleven to a Fortune:

image of twenty dollar bill blowing in the wind

Experiment Title

Attracting Windfalls



Thoughts Attract Like Realities

Our ultimate purpose is to learn to buy things cheap enough that we can resell for a profit, but once we see how easy it is to find money, more money seems to come to us from the wind.  My wife found a twenty dollar bill blowing around in the parking lot of a hospital.  She saw it because she had developed a habit of looking for found money--windfalls.

The law of attraction is the theory that like attracts like. Positive thoughts attract positive realities as negative thoughts attract negative realities.  Thomas Troward claimed that thought precedes physical form.  If you form a positive thought and hold that thought, eventually it will become a reality.

Having discovered that finding money was as easy as looking for it,  My wife kept finding new money.  I enjoy the process of buying and selling, but she enjoys the pleasant surprise of a sudden windfall.


From $23.34 in reserve capital I prepare to risk up to $2.14 (the scheduled amount for this step) looking for a return greater than $2.35 


If you look for money with positive expectation, you will find it.


Having found money previously, my wife expected to find more. 

 She found a twenty dollar bill!


Ending gross capital before deductions                       $44.34




What is my expected gain?  Always we aim for as high a gain as possible.  We should be happy with anything over 10%.  This time we were only in the concept stage of trying to find something we could buy with the probability of selling for a profit. We would have been happy with a final profit of $0.21.  The very state of positive belief in moving forward attracted a twenty dollar bill to blow our way.  

What can I learn from this experience? The more positive experience I have the easier it becomes to believe for even more positive things.  The universe seems to provide everything in abundance.  There is no scarcity of sand grains on a beach, stars in the sky, or water in the ocean.  I believe the only things that keep human beings from the windfall of fortune is negative belief and lack of faith.


Conclusion or Final Result

Cash flows from many directions once the money starts rolling in. I was trying to find something to buy and sell for a profit when the laws of nature cut right to the chase and rewarded me with almost a hundred times my expectation.  I only had to believe--not even specifically--for a windfall to be triggered.


  Starting capital                                     $23.34

Investment return goal                          >$2.35 with a net profit of >                                                                           $.21

investment  required                                 $.00

Total expenses                                        $0.00


                                                                total found =$20.00



                                                                  initial gain = $20                                      



Ending gross capital before deductions          $43.34



35% tax of $20 profit= $7.00 deduct that from $43.34 we have $36.34 after taxes

after 10% contributions of $2.00 we have $34.34 capital for investment and surplus for future deals.

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