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Stairway to a Fortune

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Step by Step to a Fortune

Penny capitalism is a step by step process of saving a tiny bit of capital, investing it wisely and watching it grow into a small fortune. Greed and ignorance often prevents us from learning what we need to know to make the process work.

A monkey will put his hand in a jar of marbles, grasp the marbles and be unable to withdraw his fist from the jar. He remains with his hand stuck in the jar for hours until he forgets his original goal of getting the marbles. Once relaxed, his hand can be withdrawn, but he can not get the marbles.

The monkey gives up because he seems unable to learn and there is no one willing to teach him how to get the marbles one at a time.

I was like the monkey only I never gave up. Over and over I tried to make my fortune only to get stuck. I made a lot of money working, but I'd lose the money in this investment or that. Finally, I learned to make my fortune one penny at a time. is dedicated to helping those who want to make more money learn the secrets of capitalism that have alluded them. It is my great hope that we can all help each other to obtain abundance.

Small men see the universe as stingy, much like themselves. They gather about themselves huge supplies of money and property out of fear that the wealth of others will be at their expense.

This is not true! The universe supplies abundantly. It is greed and fear that produce scarcity--men not reality. Poverty is an unnatural state. The very nature of money is designed to be fluid, to flow. Hoarded money becomes stagnant and poisons those to try to keep it locked up.

We will start small and learn as we go.

I've found the steps are easier to do than to get online. I'll get them up as fast as possible, along with other information that may prove helpful as the deals become larger and more complex.

Don't be afraid to jump ahead of me if you progress faster than I'm able to document. All of the information needed is available to those who want to be a penny capitalist. The main thing is to keep going forward step by step, increasing the size of your steps with the skills you've obtained. I've picked 10% as the increment of choice, but it isn't written in stone. Life flows in curves and circles rather than straight lines. Our reality never matches our design.

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