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Get Rich After Retirement

Most people don’t plan to get rich after retirement, but sometimes our best plans go awry. If you are nearing retirement but you don’t have a huge nest egg set aside don’t despair. Retirement may be the best time for you to finally get the fortune you always sought. As a retired penny capitalist you will have time for money making that you never had when you were young

Before I was old enough to get a job, my Dad told me I would be too busy making a living to make a fortune. That’s true for most working class people, but if they are not yet wealthy there is time to make the money they need after their first career has ended.

Everything is different now. You have a lifetime of learning to apply to whatever method you choose to make your millions. Work may have been a drudgery when you had to make a living, but now you can do things that you want to do. Discover the adventures of making money. Whether you get wealthy online or offline, choose something that excites you.

What would you buy if you had two million dollars? Make a want list and write down everything you’d like to have that you can’t afford. Those are the kinds of things you could buy and sell to make the fortune you missed as a youth.

When you had a job, you had to do things the way your boss wanted. As you work to get rich after retirement, you can do things your way. You are the boss now! Enjoy it!

As a retiree, you have more opportunity than any generation that came before you. The internet brings the whole world right to your home. Information of all kinds is a click away. If you are just too tired to pursue wealth watch these videos and get yourself motivated to get rich now.
Your parent’s generation didn’t have the same opportunity that you have. They worked their whole life to bring us this chance. Make them proud! Get rich now for them.

Many older people have accumulated possessions over the years. One man’s junk is another’s treasure. That stuff is wealth. Convert it from clutter to capital. Liquidate it! As you sell it learn more and more about selling. You already know about buying; that’s where most of this junk came from. Learn how to turn it into money. The lessons you learn selling the junk can make you rich after retirement.

If you can learn to buy cheaper than you can sell, you’ll never need to keep stuff around. You can buy what you need when you need it. Without stuff to get in your way and slow you down, you’ll prosper in ways you never could in your youth.

Craigslist, Ebay, Ebid, government auction houses of all kinds can get you started. As your wealth grows, you’ll graduate to larger markets. Exploit the skills you had at your old jobs, but expand them in new directions that excite you. The thought of your old job may not appeal to you, but tweak them up a bit with new angles you learn from and other websites and excitement will build to new levels.

On the other hand you may want to try something totally new. Do it. Now is the time. There is absolutely nothing to stop you from getting rich after retirement. Maybe you want to do something old in a different way. When you were working you often had to spend your capital savings to pay the doctor, the rent or the grocery bill. Now you can live on your retirement check. If you choose to be a penny capitalist, you never have to spend your seed capital again. There is only one rule. Achieve your goal first.

Start with the first step It will give you the confidence to move to the second step. While you are finishing these steps be making mental note of all the things you have that you don’t really need. If you really want to get rich, you’ll be selling them soon. Look online to see what other working people have done to get rich after retirement. Meet people on the forum. Start your own blog. Help others to make the money they need as you learn to make the money you need.

Retirement does not have to be a struggle. It should be an adventure!

Working people are often too focused on the work they are doing to notice the richness of the world around them. Now is the time to open your eyes and see what you may have missed. Even in the worst of economies, there is success. If anything the contrast between failure and success makes it easier to see the success during bad times. Learn to look at failure as unfinished success. All around you people are turning opportunity into millions. As a retired penny capitalist, you can now participate in the wealth and riches..

Being retired does not mean that race of life is over. The last stretch of the race is the most exciting. You can make more money now in a few years than you made in a whole lifetime of struggle. Look at the overview of steps! Notice that at the beginning it takes several steps to move from pennies to dollars of profit. As dollars are invested, tens, hundreds and even thousands follow a little faster. The larger the investments get the faster they seem to accrue. You saw this with your retirement account.You know you have more time to devote to making money. Penny capitalism teaches you how to get the capital you need to get rich after retirement.

Penny capitalism is more lucrative today than ever before thanks to the internet. This is true for retirees, young people and all ages. If you want to truly get rich after retirement, climb the steps found on stairway to a fortune. Even if you are one of those poor people whose pensions were lost or destroyed, you can soon be making more money than the retirement plans ever promised. Life will be good. Life will be exciting.

After you finish all your steps, put your millions into passive income investments then start over from scratch and do it again this time for fun!

Life can be rich after retirement.