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Experiment in Capital Acquisition Form

experiment in capital acquisition form illustrated by abacus

Making Business Deals and Recording them like Scientific Experiments

Experiment Title

  Step #_____   Deal Description:______


State as a statement not a question.  From $_______in reserve(surplus) (accumulated capital), we propose to invest (risk) up to (less than)  $_______ with the expectation of returning greater than (more than) $_______ with a profit of $__________

The conclusion must be based on analysis of the data we collect.


Objective stated as an "if/ then" goal.  An educated guess.


Included materials, tools, and procedure in sufficient detail that others could replicate the  (experiment) deal. This is the plan we formulate to achieve our objective. To implement the plan we take action!


(Data)  Include photos when possible  graphs, tables, drawings or text. We observe the results of our action.  If the working results differ from our objective, then we adjust our plan to get the result we seek.


What questions present themselves in the procedure.  What useful lessons did we learn that might suggest new hypothesis on a future deal.


Conclusion should refer to the  Problem, Hypothesis, Procedure and Validity.  Validity being some discussion as to the probability of similar result or different result if repeated.

Adapted from Mr. Lazaroff

Staples High School

Science Department

Lab Report Format