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Barter Page

Barter Page make an offer illustrated by Horse Trader picture

Make an offer!

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My grandfather and my great grandfather were both horse traders in the foothills of Southern Oklahoma--Choctaw country. Before the white man came, the Choctaw were allowed access to far away places of Turtle Island (indian name for North America).  They were traders and many tribes found it beneficial to speak a little Choctaw.  It was the language of trade as English is today in most of the world.

My grandmother told me my grandfather Frisco Cox loved to trade.  She said he would leave the house before the sun came up looking for a trade.  She said he might leave with a white goat, trade eight or nine times during a long day and return with a black goat worth about the same as the white one he had traded away.

In those days, folks weren't looking to make a profit.  They were looking to exchange something of value for something of equal value.  My grandfather would be happy just to have made fair trade with several of his neighbors.


Check out the pictures below for items that you may have a need for.

Make me an offer. Find something you'd like then check the list below the pictures for things that I'm looking for. Don't feel limited by the pictures or the want list. I will respect any offer, no matter how low. Penny capitalist is serious about negotiation. There is no such thing as a bad offer, and there is always a counter offer.

barter page illustrated by 5 acre wooded lot


For sale or trade:  5 acres of Northeast Texas hardwoods, sixteen miles east of Paris near Blossum, Texas.

Want a place for a cabin with lots of deer.  I'm more of a fisherman than a hunter.  Would trade for lake lot in North or Central Texas.  Make an offer!

Want List

1. camper van Merry Miler type $1,000 to $7,000

2. mont blanc meisterstuck pen and pencil set $100 to $350

3. rolex submariner watch $2,000 to $7,000

4. Harley motorcycle $2,000 to $12,000

5. Vespa scooter $300 to $1,000

6. Moped scooter $100 to $300

7. wood workbench with clamps, dogs, and block top $150 to $300

8. 1950's pick up truck any make $1,000 to $4,000

9. Spartan hacksaw $10 to $50

10. Box of sterling silverware $1,000 to $5,000